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To the Rescue by kittifox To the Rescue by kittifox
Thomas and I both have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I have Red Rescue Team for my GBA SP and he has Blue Rescue Team for his DS.

According to the personality test in the game, he's a Charmander and I'm a Squirtle. :)

He beat it before I did, but I was pretty well on my way, made it to the sky tower. Then I was defeated on level 21 of the tower!

If you play the game you know that you can exchange passwords with a friend when you die, and they can take their rescue team into the dungeon to rescue you. That way you start right where you were and you don't take a penalty for dying or have to start over. Of course I copied down my SOS password and gave it to Thomas.

He spent all day today working on it...he had to evolve his primary team so they were strong enough to get through the dungeon that lets you get the HM FLY which you need to get back into the Sky Tower after you finish the game, THEN get all the way up to the level I was in the Sky Tower to revive me!

Of course, he did it. :) While he was talking to me on IM I was in the mood to doodle so I pulled out my tablet and drew this. It's his newly-evolved Charizard as I imagined him rescuing me (still a Squirtle) from the Sky Tower - from those nasty Flygons that defeated me!

(This was before I realized that he didn't "rescue" me from the dungeon as much as he "revived" me in the dungeon but whatever...)

Thank you sweetie! My hero! :D

Charizard, Squirtle, Flygon (C) Nintendo
Artwork (C) Me
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August 1, 2007
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